OneView lesson learned (again)

One of the big governmental 1 View users/customers has several outsoutcing partners. All of them except this big worldfamous company did add 1 View when customer kindly asked. Probably they thought they had all surveillance they needed. When new outsourcing agreement needed to be signed, customer did put the demand that 1 View also was installed @ this big outsourcing partner, so the customer could get 100% control of their system. This outsourcing partner did as they were “forced to” and therefore they didnt look @ 1 Vew until there was a problem that they realized that they didnt see.

Lesson learned about 1 Views uniqueness and this feedback came:

“We acknowledge that 1 View had the warning all weekend and that we did not react as we should have done.” “We will never upgrade this system again without looking at 1 View!” “We want to have more data from our logfiles in 1 View going forward.”

NOTE: The attached PPT slide is from Netflix experiences. Monitoring in production is the only way to keep a continuous imporvement process running.

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