OneView lesson learned (again)

One of the big governmental 1 View users/customers has several outsoutcing partners. All of them except this big worldfamous company did add 1 View when customer kindly asked. Probably they thought they had all surveillance they needed. When new outsourcing agreement needed to be signed, customer did put the demand that 1 View also was installed @ this big outsourcing partner, so the customer could get 100% control of their system. This outsourcing partner did as they were “forced to” and therefore they didnt look @ 1 Vew until there was a problem that they realized that they didnt see.

Lesson learned about 1 Views uniqueness and this feedback came:

“We acknowledge that 1 View had the warning all weekend and that we did not react as we should have done.” “We will never upgrade this system again without looking at 1 View!” “We want to have more data from our logfiles in 1 View going forward.”

NOTE: The attached PPT slide is from Netflix experiences. Monitoring in production is the only way to keep a continuous imporvement process running.

DevOps and continuous improvement

DevOps talks about automation in development. version control, open source, inner source, automated build, automated testing, release processes and so on. Still it is important to include your production in your DevOps.

I would say that testing in production is the only way to improve quality, since errors hit you in unexpected ways and with great and unforeseen impact. As a fact: • Changes are implemented all the time in servers, network, applications, databases, SAN and so on. • All changes are implemented with the best intentions but in a world of microservices no one can foresee the full impact • No matter how much DevOps you have implemented in your development processes, these changes may influence response time and availability in ways you would never imagine The only way to really have a continuous improvement process that is worth the name is to monitor your production. All systems, all users and all the time.