Duodji Systems

Welcome to Duodji Systems.

We are deep into DevOps and experts in surveillance, monitoring, continuous delivery and continuous improvement.

DevOps is the field where we spend every day improving our customer’s digitalization processes and the way the users experience your services.

Our main focus is how to release software into production and keep an eye on those changes through surveillance based on a user-centric philosophy.

Duodji makes sure we live up to our name and we surround ourselves with the best partners and resources there is. This assures that we always can help out in the best of ways.

About us

Duodji is a word describing traditional Sami handicraft. We picked this word as our name since it kinda describes our attributes. We like to perform DevOps IT work as beautiful hand-crafted solutions.

Duodji tools and accessories are functional and useful, and may also incorporate artistic elements. Duodji bring function and art together in a delicate way. Duodji items are made and are meant to be used in an everyday work environment.

The official definition of ‘a functional requirement’ is that it essentially specifies something the system should do. Typically, functional requirements will specify a behavior or function.

Functional is something that is useful for its intended purpose, of or relating to a function or functions, performing or able to perform a function and all functions probably are used or intended to be useful.

We help you to find a continuous improvement process where you improve from a user-centric view. We help you to create a toolchain that works.



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Duodji Systems and our partners have the ability to handle any size of projects. The expertize needed is most definitley in our network.

We have experts that work in their own company (since they can), partners with excellent products and we have agreements with the best companies  to be able to achieve the results that you need.

Duodji Systems finds the best consultants or partners to be sure to deliver the results that you want.